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Why you should choose luxury car transporters in winter



Ontime’s luxury car transporters are the way to get classic cars and sports cars transported to their destination at any time of year, without clocking up unnecessary mileage or exposing them to public road conditions. (more…)

Categories: Covered Car Transport, Enclosed Car Transport

Why buy a classic car in late autumn?



It might not seem like the obvious time of year to invest in a new addition to your vintage car collection, but there are lots of reasons why to buy a classic car in late autumn. (more…)

Categories: Classic Cars

How to transport a VW Beetle and other endangered species of classic car



The definition of a classic car depends on who you ask – for tax purposes it’s anything over 40 years, but some cars are modern classics to enthusiasts, and the Volkswagen Beetle is one that bridges both definitions after 80 years of manufacture.


Categories: Classic Car Transport

Why hire covered car transport for classic cars and sports cars?



We all know that not all cars are the same – there’s a world of difference from a Bentley or Bugatti to an old banger or family hatchback. (more…)

Categories: Classic Cars, Sports Cars

Three ways social apps can help plan your road trip



In recent months we’ve talked about how to transport a car to Europe for a continental road trip, as well as our special on getting to and from Russia for the World Cup. (more…)

Categories: Technology, Travel

Taking your car with you on holiday this summer? What to do if it breaks down


June Blog2 2018

There’s lots of good reasons to take your car on holiday with you if you’re travelling to continental Europe or even further afield, and Ontime’s global automotive transport services can get it out there for you if you don’t want to drive it there yourself. (more…)

Categories: Repatriation

Travelling to the Russia World Cup in 2018? Let Ontime transport your car for you



The FIFA World Cup 2018 starts in Russia on June 14th with the final just over a month later on July 15th, and if you’re planning to head to the host nation, Ontime can make sure you have your own wheels there via our professional, safe and secure car transportation services. (more…)

Categories: International Car Transport

Top 10 most expensive classic cars



The value of a classic car isn’t just based on how good it is. Other factors can affect it too, such as how many vehicles were produced of that model, how old it is, and even if it featured in a Bond film or another high-profile movie. (more…)

Categories: Classic Cars

3 reasons to buy that classic car



A new year is underway and for many people, that might bring to mind some more indulgent New Year’s Resolutions – and we say, why not? (more…)

Categories: Classic Car Transport, Classic Cars, Covered Car Transport

Merry Christmas from Ontime Automotive



It’s that time of year when Ontime Automotive pause to reflect on another successful year, and to wish all of our friends, partners and customers the very best for the holiday season and for a happy 2018. (more…)

Categories: Christmas, Winter

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