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Jaguar Classic unveil first E-Type Reborn



Jaguar Classic have revealed the first car to go through the E-Type Reborn scheme, which sees original E-Type Jags completely rebuilt and put up for sale at a price tag of £285,000 and upwards.


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Three cars that could make it to the North Pole



The North Pole was discovered on April 6th 1898 and remains an elusive and ambitious goal for many would-be explorers, especially those who try to complete the journey across the Arctic ice sheet on foot.


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Beaulieu gets set for second Simply Aston Martin show



The automotive museum at Beaulieu will have a helping hand from Aston Martin enthusiasts for its upcoming Simply Aston Martin show, which is due to take place for only its second year on Sunday April 2nd.

On that day, examples of the British sports car ranging from newly produced showroom vehicles to classic pre-war cars will be rolling through the gates of Beaulieu to form a one-day exhibit of over 350 Astons.


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McLaren target full hybrid range by 2025



McLaren have raised their ambitions for 2025 to give their entire range hybrid engines, according to a report from Auto Express – doubling their previously reported goal for half of their vehicles to be hybrid by the middle of the coming decade.


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We’ve Got the Hots for Honda’s New Supercar: NSX



With its turbocharged V6 engine and sleek, smooth lines, the new Honda NSX achieves the perfect balance of form and function. This week we’re lusting after it (if you love cars, then come and join us) and today we’ll tell you why…


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We’re Counting Down to the… 3 Most Anticipated Cars of 2017



It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, and a fantastic one for the motoring world, with numerous remarkable models coming on to the market. Now, we can’t wait for 2017 as it looks to be even better.
Collectively, the world’s most prestige car manufacturers have a scheduled list of new releases that’s as long as your arm – but we’ve picked our top three to whet your automotive appetite and get you all revved up for the year ahead.


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Top 10 World’s Fastest Cars… Do YOU Know No. 1?



What is the world’s fastest car?

You guessed it, this list is packed full of the powerful, high-performance names we know and love. Expect to see entries from McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and our personal favourite, Aston Martin.


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Ontime’s Favourite Ever Aston Martin Models


Aston Martin


Bonding with the very best!

Ontime Automotive is proud of its long-standing relationship with renowned British car manufacturer Aston Martin. As one of Britain’s greatest performance-car marques, Aston Martin enjoys a reputation for being better than all the rest – and forever the cars associated with Ian Fleming’s iconic hero, Mr. James Bond. (more…)

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Is Lamborghini Really Building the World’s First Electric Supercar?


Lamborghini electric car

An electric-powered Lamborgini?!

Well, we never. We never thought we’d see the day that is… One of the superiors of supercars would venture into the realm of electric-powered motoring. But, we could well stand corrected, as leaked rumours have flooded the internet. Lamborghini has supposedly started work on the world’s first ever electric supercar… With a little help from its corporate cousins over at Porsche, of course.

So where exactly have these wild and wonderful rumours emerged from? Well, we’ve got the scoop. It’s all down to reports from the German magazine Autobild. Thanks boys – you’ve got us all revved up now! (more…)

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Roman Reveals His £8.5million Fleet of Supercars: Abramovich Enjoys Private Track Day at Nurburgring



A round of applause for Roman Abramovich please, as this week the billionaire has given us one of the worst cases of car-envy we’ve ever known.

During a track day that most motorists could only ever dream of, the Chelsea FC owner revealed his multimillion pound collection of luxury supercars. The fleet features a whole host of famous marques, including entrants from Ferrari, Bugatti, Aston Martin and Mercedes.


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