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How to transport a VW Beetle and other endangered species of classic car

The definition of a classic car depends on who you ask – for tax purposes it’s anything over 40 years, but some cars are modern classics to enthusiasts, and the Volkswagen Beetle is one that bridges both definitions after 80 years of manufacture.

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3 reasons to buy that classic car

A new year is underway and for many people, that might bring to mind some more indulgent New Year’s Resolutions – and we say, why not?

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The right way to transport a classic car

Classic car enthusiasts have all different reasons for owning one or more celebrated vehicles of a certain age, from investment to starting a collection, and of course getting out on the open road and experiencing the vehicle’s drive first hand.

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3 Best Reasons to Buy That Classic Car

There’s not much in this life that matches the joy of driving and owning a pristine, perfectly formed classic car, or the love between that car and its owner. As specialists in car shipping, we routinely wrap up precious cargo and whisk it away, with the gentleman’s agreement; ‘Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of […]

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OnTime’s All Time Top 5 Classic Cars

As specialists in classic car transport… …We routinely get car-lust over our cargo. To quench our thirst for seriously cool cars, we’ve compiled a list of our top five favourites. Sit back, buckle up and enjoy our range of the 5 best classic cars – every car here is classic, cool and, in our eyes, […]

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5 Times You’ll Need a Car Transporter

There are many instances in which you might need car transport services – they’re not just reserved for Lewis Hamilton or the team behind Top Gear. As Europe’s largest enclosed car delivery operator, we also deal in specialist luxury vehicles and classic cars too.

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5 Most Expensive Classic Cars

classic cars As experienced classic car transporters, Ontime Automotive know that some vehicles are more than just cars – they can evoke feelings of nostalgia, happy memories, even a kind of love in their own right, from passers-by right through to those of us who are lucky enough to own a piece of motoring history.

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Your Classic Car Is In Safe Hands

Need to get a million-pound motor from A to B without clocking up the miles? OnTime Automotive’s classic car service is the solution, providing total peace of mind with a whole range of reasons to entrust your pride and joy to one of our transporters. First and foremost, it’s a secure service, with your vehicle […]

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5 Tips For Transporting Your Classic Car

However reputable your choice of shipping company, it’s still worth taking a few precautions when transporting your classic car, just in case. Here are five of our top tips to help you make sure everything runs smoothly, the next time your car needs to be shipped anywhere. 1. Check Your Insurance Just in case anything […]

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How To Transport Your Classic Car Internationally

Classic car transport requires that extra little bit of care and attention which is why at Ontime Global Automotive, we provide a specialised classic car transport service. Classic cars are, without exception, highly prized by their owners and we ensure each one is transported safely and on time so that the car reaches its destination in immaculate condition. […]

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