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Travelling to the Russia World Cup in 2018? Let Ontime transport your car for you

The FIFA World Cup 2018 starts in Russia on June 14th with the final just over a month later on July 15th, and if you’re planning to head to the host nation, Ontime can make sure you have your own wheels there via our professional, safe and secure car transportation services.

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Taking Your Car Abroad? Make Sure You’re Covered!

The Great British Summer is that time of year when we’re all inspired to pack up our cars and hit the road, conquering the continent by road. Then the unthinkable happens – your car breaks down. If you haven’t specifically arranged European breakdown cover (and if your policy doesn’t cover it) then Vehicle repatriation is […]

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Relocating? Make Life Easier with Car Shipping and More Tips

Relocating your home takes planning, logistics and hard work. Make life easier by enlisting a car shipping service. Whether you’re like the suave Fresh Prince moving to Bel Air, or a little more like the Clampetts loading up the truck and making a break for Beverley, there will be a to-do list as long as […]

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Why Use Car Transport? Shipping a Car vs. Driving Yourself

Going Cross-Country? Consider Car Transport We all know that driving comes with its own set of pleasures. Taking a trip cross-country can seem like a holiday in itself – driving across hills and stunning landscapes, drinking in the view…. But when it comes to car transport for any reason at all, driving your car yourself […]

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Europe’s Best (Unheard Of!) Driving Roads

International Car Transport, to Anywhere in Europe… A quick search for Europe’s best driving roads and it’s clear there are a few frontrunners – with the same names thrown up time and time again. Though stretches such as Romania’s Transfagarasan Highway, the Stelvio Pass and Route Napolean are all mighty great lengths of road; alas, […]

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Driving Home For Christmas… Well, Not If You Break Down Abroad!

It’s that time of year again – Christmas is coming and many of us Brits are tempted to just hit the road and head for the Continent for a fun, festive holiday. But what happens if your car was to break down? Figures show that one in three Britons do not take out European breakdown […]

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5 Times You’ll Need a Car Transporter

There are many instances in which you might need car transport services – they’re not just reserved for Lewis Hamilton or the team behind Top Gear. As Europe’s largest enclosed car delivery operator, we also deal in specialist luxury vehicles and classic cars too.

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Frankfurt Motor Show 2015: The Story So Far

The flag’s gone down on the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show and it’s already off to a thrilling start. As specialists in luxury car transport, we have been counting down the days – but even if you’re not a huge petrol-head, the sheer scale of Frankfurt will make you sit up in your driving seat. With […]

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International Car Transport Services

“Our experienced International Car Transport team plan, manage and track your vehicle movement to door!”  Shipping your car internationally can be a daunting task. Handing over the vehicle that you’ve spent thousands or sometimes hundreds of thousands of pounds on can turn even the most assured person in a quivering wreck. Knowing that your vehicle will be […]

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