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Merry Christmas from Ontime Automotive

It’s that time of year when Ontime Automotive pause to reflect on another successful year, and to wish all of our friends, partners and customers the very best for the holiday season and for a happy 2018.

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Driving Home For Christmas… Well, Not If You Break Down Abroad!

It’s that time of year again – Christmas is coming and many of us Brits are tempted to just hit the road and head for the Continent for a fun, festive holiday. But what happens if your car was to break down? Figures show that one in three Britons do not take out European breakdown […]

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Winter Driving Tips

Winter driving is about more than just remembering to switch on your headlights – in fact, even the AA’s winter driving tips warn against exposing your car battery to the high demands placed on it by regularly driving with your headlights on.   It might sound counter-intuitive, but actually if you can drive more often […]

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